FO: Toddler Poncho (Caron Website)

Well, I finished this poncho around the end of January, but since it was my first project and I just joined this forum, I figured I’d post it!

I made it for my girlfriend’s daughter. I think I’m going to make one for my daughter in a slightly larger size and instead of pink, green, and purple, I’ll make it purple and orange or green and orange. I love crazy, bright, contrasting color combos!

That is so cute! I love the colors!

I bet she loves it! So cute!

Just adorable - I’m sure she will be thrilled!

Well knit…

Fun and bright!

Very cute, little ones like bright colors and no one looks as good as they do in them.

It’s beautiful! Great job! I know she’ll love wearing it!

:happydance: very pretty!!

Not “well, KNIT!” like I first read it, but WELL KNIT!! LOL!!:slight_smile: It is really adorable!!

Very bright. The multicolored fringe and pom-poms are a good addition. Excellent first project. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum.