FO - toddler pants

I just finished my first longies (wool pants made to double as a diaper cover for cloth diapers) and I am absurdly proud of them. This is a super pattern and I’m anxious to start my next pair but have some other things on my list first. I made these with Manos del Uruguay yarn, in Caribe, and they went pretty quickly, esp. considering that I had to do some major unraveling at one point due to the fact that I left out one marker when setting up the gusset…

Very nice! What pattern did you use?

Terrrifc Job!!! Those colors are wonderful. :cheering:

OMGoodness, those are adorable…as is the model…and they fit him perfectly :smiley: You should be VERY PROUD :wink:

So cute!! Love the color!

Those are VERY cute!!! :heart:

As a side note…I’ve never understood what is meant by diaper soaker?? Are we talkin’ instead of plastic pants over the cloth diaper?? Does it actually work?

I’m loving that color! So cute!

Those pants are soo cute, and so is your little boy!! Love the colors too! :heart:

Thanks, y’all! :smiley:

Sandy, the pattern is from Little Turtle Knits. It is very thorough, comes with multiple options for leg finishes, has pictures of things like short rows and kitchener (I chose a non-short row option), and can be done as pants, capris, or shorts. I really liked the pattern - simple, quick, easy to follow, and minimal seaming.

KQ, yes, “soaker” is just another word for diaper cover, and they are used over cloth diapers just as plastic pants would be. And they work great! In addition to being highly breathable (as opposed to the plastic pants), they absorb the wetness without becoming wet themselves, absorb the odor without becoming odorous themselves, and only have to be washed every couple of weeks (unless there is a blowout and they soiled).

Thanks for all your kind words, everyone - and about Charlie, too. Poor guy has been sick this week, so his face is all red and chapped from a runny nose. When do little boys learn to let their mamas wipe their noses?!? :rollseyes:

I have been wondering this for months! :roflhard:

I just read Stacey’s answer and I can’t imagine anything soaking up urine and not needing washing for a couple weeks. :shock: Are you sure your nose isn’t burned out? :roflhard:

That’s great, Stacey, thanks for the explanation! Something functional and CUTE at the same time?? What could be better! :happydance:

Jan in CA wrote:

I just read Stacey’s answer and I can’t imagine anything soaking up urine and not needing washing for a couple weeks. Shocked Are you sure your nose isn’t burned out?

Hee - nope, no problem with the nose. Just the pure magic of wool. :thumbsup: [size=2] It is pretty astonishing. [/size] :shock:

Oh, and I should add that you do let the soaker air out between wearing. (I rotate soakers with diaper changes.)

Wow, Stacey, they came out fabulous!!! The colors are gorgeous!

Wow Stacy, I love them. I have seen that pattern, but not made any yet. My son is too big now, but I am going to make them for my nephew. Glad to hear that the pattern is not too hard. :slight_smile:

Very cute!!!

Those look just great. In love with the colors!

Judging from DH, about three days after never! :rofling:

Those are too cute! I love the color! :thumbsup:

So cute! And I love the yarn.