FO: Toddler Jacket

Just finished up tonight! Now I can focus on trying to make socks . . .

I love it! And what a nice color, too!!! :muah:

Wow!!! That is just beautiful, I love the colour.

that looks so cosy

It is really cute and like that raspberry color!

That is really cute and what a gorgeous yarn choice-such a pretty color! What yarn is it?

The sweater came out just beautiful. I love the color. YOu did a great job.:woohoo:

How adorable. It makes me think of toddler Channel.

Looks great, love the color. Well done.

:inlove: to cute!! Great color…

oh my gosh, that little girl will be so snuggled in that little jacket! Adorable! Cozy cozy!

Wow, that’s impressive! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you!!:hug:

[B]Jaxhil[/B]; it is Rowan Big Wool color #30. You can get it on sale now on line–I need to make a second jacket for my other daughter now because she wants the same pink.

That’s precious!

soooo pretty!! i love it!

That is one stylish toddler jacket!

I love your little jacket. It will look so cute on.

that is just adorable!!! it looks so cozy!!

It is SO beautiful!! You did a gorgeous job. I’d love to attempt a similar pattern but in seed stitch. (If only I could find the right pattern.)


Beautiful colour, and a great style. Your button choice is spot on - just the right colour to enhance the shade of the yarn. :thumbsup: