FO--Toddler Jacket #2

Actually, it was Toddler Jacket#1, but I wasn’t able to finish the collar until this weekend when I found some additional yarn on eBay! This one is a size 6T, made with Plymouth Italia Fingerprints, and from a pattern by Plymouth Yarns (the same pattern I used here, but with different yarn).

That looks warm!

That is really cute! I like the colors you’ve used on both sweaters!

Looks very soft and cozy!

That looks so cute… Wish my granddaughter didn’t live in sunny California!

Cute. Love the colors.

:happydance: aww how cute…great job!!

Those are both gorgeous! Lovely work!

Very nice!


How lovely. It’s nice you were able to get yarn to finish it!!

Very pretty!

Wow…Pretty jacket!

Beautiful! I love the other one too!


I like the yarn and color:inlove: