FO: Toddler Girl Hat

Okay, so this is not not my first hat, but it’s only my 2nd hat in as many days. The first one was well, not pretty because the seam was so ugly. So I spend yesterday knitting up a new hat for my 2 year old for her birthday. It is so cute if I do say so myself! And I followed the mattress seam instructions in Stitch ‘n’ Bitch precisely and the seam is beautiful! I love that book!

Anyway, here it is:

It’s Bev’ Basic Cozy Cap(free pattern) and the flower is fromHead Huggers(free also) minus the beads. The hat couldn’t be easier to knit and the flower is very simple, but made my fingers hurt. But it was worth it!



It is so sweet! Great Job!

Well done you! It looks really sweet!

Very cute! I love the colours. Next time you’ll have to use circs or dpns- they look a little intimidating, but trust me, they’re not!

how cute!! You did a great job :thumbsup:

Very nice.

That came out really cute!

I actually wanted to try circs and bought myself a set, but they are 20" and I need 16" – I was bummed, to say the least. I do have some DPNs and some sock yarn that I bought to try. Thanks for the encouragement – the more I knit that more I feel like I can do anything :happydance:

That is just darling. I bet she will look adorable wearing it.

Adorable! The colour is great :slight_smile:

How cute is that hat?! :inlove:

beautiful hat love the colors

That’s so cute! My daughters would love it! I really like the colors together too!