FO - Toddler cloche - felted

I think this came out really cute! I used the pattern for Toddler Felt Hat except mine didn’t curl up after it was felted… probably my fault, but I like the end result. It was just screaming for a flower so made one and felted it as well. :wink:

Modeled by Care Bear again as I don’t have any toddlers around. :teehee:

That is absolutely adorable. My granddaughter (age 4 months now) has GOT to have one. I’m so glad you included a link for the pattern.

I’ll have to do some looking for felted flowers, but I suspect they’re not too hard to find.

Thanks! I couldn’t find a felted one that I wanted for this hat so I made this one up. I CO 6 stitches and knit for about uh… 4 in then decreased to about 4 stitches and knit for about 3 in or so. I ran a running stitch through the bottom and sorta twisted it the way I wanted then tacked it together and felted it with the hat. I did the center and sewed it to the hat when it was all dry.

that is just so cute- I love the stripes!!! (and the flower)

Jan that is soooooooo adorable.The flower was a nice touch :cheering:

That’s adorable! I love it. :notworthy:

i :heart: this hat…the flower is perfect for it!

That is adorable!

Jan, it’s lovely! :heart:

I LOVE it! I want one for me! So cute! I think you should definatley write up the pattern for this one too!

Well, I didn’t create a new pattern. I merely did the felting differently. The instructions say to get the hat and either jeans or an old towel soaking wet then toss them in a hot dryer. I wasn’t sure about tossing dripping wet items in my dryer so I pretty much wet felted it in the washer, then drained the water (some spinning) and tossed it in the dryer. Maybe the wet felting caused this result? Not sure. I just did another hat so we’ll find out tomorrow. :teehee:


The hat came out beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us. :cheering:

Oh my! Now that’s what I call super cute!


I love your hat. So stylish.

OMGosh that is so CUTE! The phrase Boop Boop A Doop flashed in my head. I hope we get to see it on the “real” model soon

What a cute hat. I like it better the way you did it.

:muah: :notworthy: I :heart: the hat! It is so adorable!!!

Cute! ! :cheering:

:aww: Thanks everyone!