FO: Toddler Cardigan; Minnowknits

Another finished project, finally. I got this one completed down to sewing the buttons on and decided to try it on my daughter before doing so. Well, it didnt fit well at all! The button band was too short, so the bottom of the front bands didn’t reach the same length as the rest of the sweater. Instead, they were somewhere up around her belly button. So, I ripped it out and made it a few inches longer and here it is!

Very happy with this project as well.
It’s called Cheri Cherry #201 QK by Minnowknits. Here is a picture of my dd Harper and her baby Wubzy, wearing her new striped cardigan!

aww she is so cute!! So is the cardigan, great job :yay:

Great job. Your daughter is very cute too.

Thank you! I just dragged her out of bed and made her try it on. Lol. She’s a good sport.

That’s a very chic cardigan - definitely worth the extra effort!

Very pretty sweater! And she’s so cute in it!

Love the sweater! Your daughter is so cute!

She’s adorable, and the sweater looks great on her.

What a cute little girl and you did a wonderful job on her cardi!


Wonderful sweater and your daughter looks like such a darling. Perfect match.

How cute…and what a beautiful model you have there! :heart:

It turned out wonderful!!! Both daughter and sweater are adorable!

She was so cute when I was trying to get it on her. She was running away from me yelling that she was going to get stuck in there! The first time I did the button bands it didn’t fit her and she felt stuck. lol.

Adorable, both the sweater and the child!:cheering:

Lovely job for a beautiful little princess! Keep up the good work.

Ahhh, she is so flippin cute! the cardi is great and it looks like you got it sized just right for her.

I’m glad you got those bands straightened out and got that to the FO stage. It turned out great. It is a cute little sweater, I like the vertical stripes and the little rolled collar. You DD looks precious in it.

i love it! she’s adorable… (wishing i knew how to knit when my kids were toddlers…)

I love the Minnowknits books. Sometimes they are real easy patterns, sometimes they kick my butt! This little sweater, and the model, is adorable!!!

This one was pretty simple up until the button bands. But after ripping it out (and I’m so glad I did) it fits beautifully!