FO - toasty warm hat helmet

I finished this a couple weeks ago for my little one. It’s been SO COLD this winter here in WI and he doesn’t like to zip his jacket up all the way or keep his hat on. I thought a helmet was just the ticket! I hadn’t knitted in quite a while (since he was tiny baby!) and this was my re-initiation to knitting (or should I say re-addiction??!).

I used this pattern
but made the ribbed neckwarmer part just a bit longer. I wanted it super-cozy, so I used Lion Brand Chunky WoolEase on #8 needles. It ended up very thick and tightly-stitched… just what I wanted.

My son is in daycare, so I learned how to do chain stitch and put his initials and a heart inside. Of course, since I finished it, we’ve had a thaw and he hasn’t tried it out yet… just ran around the house in it. :slight_smile:


P.S. As a result of this hat helmet, in the past few weeks I have made a sweater vest for him, Knitty’s Calorimetry OTN for me, and have four patterns waiting for attack! :eyes:

Great idea, smart MOM! And he is such a cutiepie! Love that red hair and that devilish grin!

Nice work, and welcome back to knitting! Oh, and wonderful modeling by the DS!

Very cute and it does look warm!

aww what a cutie!! It looks great :thumbsup:

Oh my! What a cute little guy! And that red hair, I LOVE it!
His helmet hat is pretty cool too. Great work. :cheering:

Thanks everybody. He gives me lotsa motivation cuz he’s so dang cute… plus he gives me credit by telling everyone “mommy made this for me”! :heart:
My next project for him is Accordion (for next winter). Can’t wait to put him in something not so beginner-ish!

Great idea! Welcome back to knitting!

I love the embroidered initials! What a wonderful way to personalize a super special gift!:yay: