FO: Tire Cover (super cool!) :)

I was inspired by another’s project on Ravelry, it’s from a free doily pattern but made in Red Heart and J hook makes it super sturdy. I ran elastic along the edge and it stays on perfectly.

Ravelry project page.

Love it! When I read “FO: Tire Cover (super cool!) :)” I didn’t know what to expect. That [I]is[/I] super cool!

That’s great!!!

Oh my goodness! THIS is way cool! I wonder if you could do something like that for a SmartBoard. I have new technology in my classroom, and we (meaning administrators and myself) are petrified that a substitute will mistake the smartboard for a whiteboard and write on it with expo markers. THIS cover would be so unique and serve a purpose as well!

You did a beautiful job, my friend!

That’s the best looking tire cover I’ve ever seen! I wonder, though, if making it out of rope or some other non-yarn material might make it sturdier. Unfortunately, it [I]might[/I] possibly be burned off in places by the end of summer if you’re in Texas as your license plate redo suggests!!

It’s a wonderful idea, and you did a great job creating it. I sure hope no one is stupid enough to steal it (put a lock on that baby, maybe?)

Wow! That is really beautiful!

Wonderful idea and great work. I love it! I’m surprised people aren’t getting out of their cars at stoplights and asking you about it.

Wow! that is way, super cool!! and what a great idea!!

That is the most beautiful tire cover I’ve ever seen! :inlove:

Beautiful and unique! Somehow I was thinking of a sticker reading something like ‘honk, if you get it’ :slight_smile: I keep thinking about all the knitters/crocheters standing behind you in traffic, going wild and not being able to tell you :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: You are correct - that is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

That’s a good idea, I chose Red Heart because I thought it was the toughest yarn out there. Someone on Facebook recommended I scotchguard it, which I thought was a good idea.

I think only my yarny friends really appreciate it…my husband, mom and non knitting or crocheting friends of Facebook think I’m probably off my rocker.

Someone on Ravelry said it’s better than a sign that says “crocheter on board” :smiley: I agree.

Now THAT is the most unique knitted/crocheted thing I’ve ever seen! I’d be having fits if I was behind you at a traffic light! :happydance:

In our town, it would be stolen the first time I parked and went in to shop! :pout:

My husband had to have his WARN winch welded to the bumper of his truck with good reason!

:cheering:This makes me wish my spare was mounted on the outside!

I would be afraid to lose it on the highway, so to drive I would secure it with one of those bungees with hooks. I wonder if that would deter the thieves? Too hard to get off? The lady whose project inspired me on Ravelry seems to be using hers for years without incidents. I think she’s indigonightowl on Ravelry, the link to her project is on my project page link on post #1 here.

Ingrid when I was going to make this, the old Rav4 we had got smashed into and totalled and I was so sad…no tire doily for me! Now that we have a new one (more than a year later!) I finally got to make it. I was secretly hoping it would have the tire on the outside for JUST THIS REASON!

Of course I wouldn’t buy a car just for the outside tire, even though I am addicted to knitting and now crochet too! However, the Toyota Rav4 is an awesome car!!!

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