FO: tiny stegosaurus

for my daughter’s kitten, Gus. The pattern is Tiny Dinosaur, from the book [I]Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi[/I].

That is so cute!!

Perfect! The kitten will love it, I’m sure. What a fun book. (i once made an apatasaurus sweater with the tail wrapping around to the back.)

:thumbsup: :heart:

Yes, he liked his new toys (my other daughter made him a tiny goldfish from the same book). Such a sweet kitty; I see more knitted toys in his future.

Awww! Cute as can be!

So cute. Did you put some catnip inside with the stuffing? that does make them crazy though…

I looked up the book, and NEED to buy it now.

story: a gf phoned me yesterday, said she stopped at a farm to buy some eggs (saw a roadside sign). As soon as she stepped out of her car, a flock of chickens came flapping up to her, all wobbly and cute. She was delighted, laughed.

I saw in the teeny-tiny book that there’s a pattern for mini chickens, and I’d like to make her a ‘flock’ of them as a gift.

Thanks for sharing!

it’s so cute but the needle sizes are so tiny…

Woot woot…very good! Got that book too!! I wish I had time!!

Maybe this fall!!:cheering:

Gus is so frisky, he doesn’t really need catnip, but his “mom” has some if she wants to add it (an easy way is to put the toy and a little catnip in a ziplock bag and shake it up).

The book just has so many fun projects. Your friend is going to love the chickens.

You can use larger needle sizes; just use a bit thicker yarn. I used a size 2 for that dinosaur. You could even make the projects with worsted weight yarn and maybe size 4 needles. They’d come out a bit bigger but still pretty small and cute. Gauge is not critical for these.

those needles are still so tiny, the smallest size i have is a 4 and I haven’t touched it, i did a 5 but it was still very hard for me to work with

Aww it is really cute. I am sure kitty is loving it.

Hilarious! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

just thought of another question: do the needles have to be teeny-tiny also? or can I use regular lengths of small guage needles? The ones pictured in the book look about as long as toothpicks.


You can definitely use regular lengths. I used a circular needle with 5" tips. Or you can use DPNs if you prefer.