FO - tights, now with pattern!

Okay as promised, here’s a link to my blog and the pattern that I wrote up for you guys!

Finished up some tights for myself and even more exciting I finished my brother’s wedding favors. I volunteered to make a Dishcloth Reloaded (from Mason Dixon) for everyone and I think they’re going to tie them up and put something cute inside. Anway, I’m glad they’re done! Details and more pics for both projects on my blog.

those are beautiful!
nice color too.
do you think they’re delicate?

Wow… everything looks great!!

Oh wow! Those look great!

those tights are awesome!!!

Oh my goodness, those tights are the sexiest knit item I think I’ve ever seen. Where did you get the pattern - I MUST make them for future use :pray::oops:

Love love love those tights! Great job, E.:happydance:

Love those tights! And I’ve been wanting to try those dishcloths as well. Gosh, your brother better appreciate you! :woot:

And by the way, I LOVE LOVE your decoupaged phone. That is a great idea!

Thanks for sharing!

The tights are great. I hope your brother (and future sister-in-law) appreciate the favors.

Thanks everyone!
In response to syndactylus, no they’re not quite delicate - if I had knit them so they would stretch a bit more they could be, but they’re just a little thick.

Also, for those who are asking, tights pattern was my own, I [I]promise[/I] to have it up soon so it shouldn’t take long at all! Really, I promise!

Sister-in-law and brother wanted to pay me back for washcloths and I had to laugh, really the yarn cost me like $15 dollars, how could I demand that? I just want them to have a special day :cheering: - they do really appreciate it though.

Thanks again everyone!

The tights are really nice, they fit great!

I like your tights. :muah: I also enjoyed reading your blog page. I love what you did to your phone. I guess that wouldn’t be practical for my car, you know, the rain and all. :lol: I also really liked the little cozy to put whatever it is you put in it. :?? I don’t know about all these devices people carry around these days. I don’t have any of them. It’s great to be able to add a personal touch to all these mass produced items. :wink:

those are soooo cute!!

Haha, I would love to see a decoupaged car!

Thanks for looking through my blog page, I know what you mean about mass produced items, I just like something with more of a personal touch!

These are HOT!! Wonderful work.

I’ve put the pattern up for you guys! You can find it on my blog. Thanks for all the requests, I hope you enjoy!

Those tights are awesome! And I must say, what a thoughtful thing to do for your brother and sister-n-law, knitting all those dishclothes takes a lot of time! :cheering: