FO: This pair of Monkey socks

Made with Flydyed Crimson :gah:

Pretty! I love that color!:inlove:

I think they look very pretty! :happydance:

Great socks ans I love the colour x

Very pretty! Great job!

Wow RED!!! Ohhhhhhh I just love those socks. I might have to go and get some crimson now and make those socks myself. I have the pattern, but I have not yet been brave enough to try it. Thanks for the inspiration and the wonderful picture. They are beautiful socks!

Looking good Rachel!

Very pretty!

Wow, you’re sure busy with those monkey socks! Amazing. :cheering:

They look great, Rachel. Is that the yarn that ran so bad? Just remember not to wash them with your ‘unmentionables’.

I’m :inlove: with the color.

I love that red! :inlove: Good job! I’m working on the Monkey socks too (but a toe-up version). I really like that pattern! :thumbsup:

They look great! :slight_smile:


Pretty, pretty! :inlove:

I’m working on my own pair of monkey socks as well! Great job!