FO - This @*#! neverending scarf - UPDATE - It's Done!

I made myself a bicolor brioche scarf last fall. I vaguely remember it taking forever and vowing never to do one again. However, I wear the scarf every day and LOVE it, so somehow I decided to make one for DH.

I am just about to poke my eyes out with the needles, it is sooo boring. It seems like it will never end. I started about a month ago, I work on it at least 5 days a week for about an hour each day and it is only 40". I knit very quickly and believe me I have the pattern down, but it is sportweight yarn and it just doesn’t GROW. I am seriously regretting how many sts I cast on. Shoulda made it 3" wide, lol. Then I might be closer to being done.

I wish I had incorporated some increases and decreases or something, anything. At least the yarn is nice, a merino/alpaca blend…though I also feel bad because the one I did for myself was 100% alpaca and is much softer. Sorry DH!

'Tis done, hooray!

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Sounds like you’ve fallen into the BLACK HOLE OF KNITTING :shock: :?? :thinking:

I hope you can find your way out again. :hug:

Sometimes I’ll put a safety pin in the first row I knit in an evening, just so I can assure myself I actually DID knit more than one row a night. :shrug: :teehee:

Good Luck!! :cheering:


40" is a good chunk. Sounds like you have only a few days more – hang in there!

Ha I know the feeling my sweet.

I bought homespun, and I cast-on 36 stitches. I’m doing a simple k4 p4 rib, but you know what? The scarf never grows because the yarn is so beaver dam annoying! :wall:

Hang in there, keep knitting. We’re rooting for you! :heart:

Maybe you should take a little break from it. Sometimes when I’m mad at a project I cast on something new and work on it untill I forgive the other thing. Knitting’s supposed to be fun, not something you’re forced to do at gunpoint :slight_smile:

I should probably put it down for a while. I do have two other projects going at home, the scarf only comes on public transit with me; the other two projects are too large/complicated to travel with me. I thought they would help me not be so angry at this scarf for never being finished, but I guess I got a little fed up today :slight_smile: Maybe because I feel like I am racing against the end of winter, and it is like springtime today after a long cold spell.

Not that I’m complaining about it finally being above freezing!

While knitting scarves, I always have something else to do as a break and as something funner to do, like socks or something with shaping. Knit mindlessly on the scarf while I watch TV, and work on socks when I want some me time.

Bip–where are you? I noticed earlier you said you’re on the East Coast. I am too and it’s very warm this week here compared to the harsh cold of last week!

Boston. Yes, it is lovely this week!

I added my location to my profile. No reason for me to be so sneaky :slight_smile:

My roomate knows how you feel. She’s been working on this scarf for ages now and still isn’t even close to being done. It’s sad, last time she worked on it, she ended up throwing the needles and yarn across the room.

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