FO - Thelonious Socks

Two completed projects in one month…a new recent record!

I just cast off my latest pair of socks…Cookie A’s Thelonious Socks, which can be found in her book knit. sock. love.

I used 75 grams of Socks That Rock in the colorway Hoofle Foofle. This yarn was a delight to work with…so soft and did not split at all.

I had to restart these socks a couple of times. First, I couldn’t figure out how to work in the new stitches I was making with the ribbing. After much angst and searching, I found [B]this[/B] thread on Ravelry, which proved invaluable.

Then, I figured out that my socks were going to be too big, so I frogged and restarted on size 0 needles. I’m a loose knitter, so I should have known better.

After that, the socks flew off of my needles. I worked most of the first one on the cruise I just went on, got home, and knit the second sock in 24 hours.

Here are more pictures of the finished project.

Thanks for looking!

Great looking socks in a beautiful pattern. Well done!

Those are really pretty!

Your socks ROCK, and so do YOU! Great job!!!

Sock envy here…

Gorgeous! The color is beautiful and they turned out so well! Nice job.

Wow, those are great. I love the pattern. Nice modeling job as well. :slight_smile:

Those are really beautiful socks! And very professional sock photos too :slight_smile:

Thank you! Can you believe that I used the self-timer on my camera? I stacked a bunch of books on my patio and had a little photo shoot. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta d o!:wink:

Gorgeous!! Love the colour.

Love, love, love those socks. I love the color of the yarn too. What a great job! :inlove:

Great knitting. :cheering:

Beautiful pattern, nicely worked; a winning combination. :woot: