FO: The soaker fits!


Cute! Good job!!

Very cute! I have never heard of “soakers” before? Have they been around a long time? Sorry for the dumb question. :oops:

People who use cloth diapers on their babies use them over the diapers.

Very cute Zip! :heart:

Thanks to all of you!

Susan, it isn’t a dumb question at all. I didn’t know about them until my boyfriend became a grandfather last year. His daughter uses real diapers and I stumbled upon soakers while looking for things to knit for the grandson.

There are lots of patterns for them! I used this one. Today, I learned that another grandchild is due in August, so I get to make more baby things. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that many people still used cloth diapers nowadays! Do you know when and where they originated?

I don’t know. I know that the throwaways came along in the 60s(?), maybe the 70s. My mom used plastic pants over cloth diapers. The wool is better than plastic because it pulls wetness away rather than trapping it. In the current day, cloth is better than throwaway for obvious ecological reasons. Of course, I don’t know how daycare centers feel about cloth over throwaways. It’s probably an issue for them, and easier for stay-at-home moms to use cloth.

Does that totally not answer your question? :lol:

Awwww that’s a great soaker and a cute baby!!

Thanks zip. My mom used plastic pants over my cloth diapers too. That makes so much more sense to use wool though ~ never thought of it! Ecologically it is so much better to use cloth, but I think a lot of people use the throwaways because they’re so much more convenient. :shrug:

We’ve been using cloth diapers for a couple years now and I use wool soakers. So much nicer than the plastic covers, IMHO.

Very cute soaker, btw!!

:heart: Cloth dipes! :heart:

I loved knitting soakers and longies for my DS!

As per the history questions…it’s my understanding that wool soakers have been around a LOOOONG time. Mamas used them way back before plastic pants came about. It’s funny because a lot of us younger Mamas think of it as a new thing because we are so used to disposables, but elderly women will tell you they remember women (or their Mamas) knitting the dipe covers from wool.

I’ve heard that the wool doesn’t smell bad until it gets wet several times. I wonder if that’s true?

I DO know that it works for wool socks.

Great job!! The baby is so cute!

oh my gosh I love it :muah: soo cute