FO ~ The Mobuis Cowl by Cat Bordhi

I finally completed the Mobuis Cowl by Cat Bordhi. The cast on at first was a bit tricky but with patience, I somehow managed it. The lace knitting after the cast on is really easy and the result is wonderful.

For all of the details and the size increase that I made, you can read them here at my blog.

To be honest, as I was knitting this cowl I thought to myself that I would hate it, but I fell in love with the way it drapes. I plan to cast on a blue version very soon.

Very pretty!

I 2nd that SJ - Very pretty!

I’d love to see it modeled to understand how it’s meant to be worn.

Just beautiful!

Can we see a picture of it on? It really is quite lovely!

Huh! Why that’s really pretty! I wasn’t sure I’d like mobius scarves but now I do.