FO: The Husband Vest

I’ve been knitting specifically from stash the past year. This small amount of Manos del Uruguay (Clasica Naturals) has been lingering in my stash for quite some time. I was tinkering around with it one day…trying out some ideas for a vest for myself, when my husband commented on the swatch. He loved the rustic yarn. So after a hunt, I found a pattern that he liked. He wants to wear it under his sports coat in the Winter, hoping to eliminate the need for his overcoat…and with jeans and a shirt in the Spring, hoping to eliminate a parka. You know, those inbetween kind of days.

As you may know, vests worn under a sports jacket are usually knit with dk or fingering, but he wanted THIS yarn and THIS color. He kept ooohing and ahhhhing over the density of the pattern stitch (broken rib) as I knit the vest. It’s right up his alley.

He is very happy with it! And I’m happy he’s happy.

He loves his buttons (no surprise there) being an outdoorsman!

Here are my Ravelry notes. The pattern is called The Professor Vest.

My outdoorsman!

The little bunkhouse he built using logs from our mountain property. He snowshoes
up to the property at the top of the mountain every winter.

Great looking vest and buttons! So glad he’s happy with it.

Thanks for sharing the other pics, too. Very nice. When will you be retiring to the quiet life off the grid? Or is it quiet enough already?



The winter weather is much too harsh, and our property at the summit is way too high up to live there year-round. But we love spending time there May thru end of October! Although, I don’t go with him for October hunting . I keep the home fires going!

Great vest. It’s so nice you could make it all work out for him just the way he wanted. He cleans up good. :wink: Love the photos.


:teehee: Yeah, he does clean up good! :teehee:

Wow, that is a beautiful vest! The color is perfect and it should be nice and warm!

The vest looks wonderful on your husband and I can appreciate the appeal of the netural colors. Very good looking and beautifully knit.

Beautiful vest and the buttons were a perfect choice. And a very handsome and distinguished gentleman wearing it!

He looks very dapper and it looks great with a sportcoat like he wore. I had to laugh at how different our husband’s are. My husband is a 20 yr Navy retired fellow, and as they say, you can take the sailor out of the Navy but not the Navy out of the sailor. He now works for the City of Memphis doing electronics for their waste water treatment plant and is about 5 years from total retirement. He is all into watching sports and into computers but thinks camping means a million dollar RV! lololol Your hubbie’s pictures obviously make him an outdoors kind of guy who likes the outdoors, woods and such. Being different from each other makes the world go round and makes it terrific! I love the vest and color.

He He! :teehee: You’re so right! Differences make the world go 'round! My hubby has been retired for about 3 years, who’s counting! Maybe it’s four! He’s always busy. John is a USMC, do you say “former”? He was only in for four years back in the late 60’a, early 70’s.

just gorgeous - isn’t that meant to be “the husband’s vest”? just a thought


Just [B]The Husband Vest![/B]

(Not a typo. :teehee: )


Forgot to post this photo in original post #1. (added now)

Great photo. Your man is very distinguished looking. He could be lord of a British manor…or at least my perception from reading and seeing movies and TV shows. He makes the vest perfect!

I totally agree. He does look like he is a British Lord or something. The jacket is perfect with the vest just to give it a bit more spiffiness.

Whew! It isn’t just me. I was afraid I’d be the only one to think that, maybe I’ve watched too many Sherlock Holmes episodes or something. I hesitated to say anything about my impression (I consider it a compliment but others might just think it’s odd) but when I saw that last photo I had to say something.

Another wonderful project. He looks like he belongs in the English countryside with a hunting dog and rifle!
I would love to make something like that for my husband, but he’d never wear it. He’s strictly a crew neck kind of guy and won’t wear vests. So guess I’ll just have to learn to “dress up” any crew neck sweaters I make him with either cables, pattern, or color.

Very nice vest and it looks great on him too. I love your cabin. I envy your place in the mountains.