FO: The first sweater

No one told me my very first project couldn’t be a sweater…

I used cheap-o Red Heart chunky yarn (that’s pretty scratchy compared to everything I tried afterwards).

Here’s the pattern: I used one strand since it was so chunky.


Current rule: Only one project at the time and no new yarn until the stash is gone.

:muah:Great job! There is no reason your first project can’t be a sweater if that’s what you want to do! I do love the color!

It looks super!

Cute sweater! You can wear it with jeans OR a skirt. Or with pajamas, which is what I’d probably do on winter weekends while knitting and watching football.

Your very first project?? That’s amazing! You did a beautiful job.

It looks awesome and I bet you learned a whole lot knitting a sweater for your first project!

[COLOR=Silver]:psst: Good luck with the “no new yarn” and “one project at a time” rule… :shifty: :teehee:[/COLOR]

Wow! It looks great. I din’t knit my first sweater until last year - you go girl!!!

Wow - what an amazing, ambitious first project :notworthy: I’m sure you learned a ton! I like the color and it seems like such a versatile garment! You rock :happydance:

Good looking sweater. Congratulations!!

It’s just as well no one told you–it turned out great!

WOW!! Great job-and what a fearless knitter you are! :woohoo:

Looks well done too-I love the color!