FO: The Deceptively Hard Lace Cowl/Hood

I say “deceptively hard” because the pattern stitch for this thing couldn’t BE a lot easier (CO 50-ish on a US 15 circular, YO, k2tog, repeat to infinity and beyond). But screw up JUST ONE TIME, and see what happens. I had stitches go missing (lots of them!) I had a “stagger” where the spiral pattern shifted to the right (or maybe it was the left, who can tell?) and then there was the coup de grace: when the ENTIRE SPIRAL reversed directions!

Luckily I had a lifeline – Wendy. Otherwise, my DIL might not have gotten this thing. Or at least not by Christmas. Which would have been a shame, 'cause she liked it a lot (once she figured out what it was).

The yarn is superwash Merino in a chunky weight in a colorway called “Muscadine”. It was made locally by Three Waters Farm whose proprietor does a lot of business with Wendy. And in fact, it was a display piece that Wendy was doing for Mary Ann (the aforementioned proprietor) that inspired me to make this piece. I was watching what she was doing and said “that looks really easy, and my DIL would LOVE it!”

Famous last words. But at least I was right about the second part.

Looks good! Yeah I just finished the edging on a shawl that was YO k2tog/yo p2tog on the WS, and found I forgot the yo at least once a row.

Beautifully done and she looks absolutely beautiful wearing it. Your perserveance paid off well.

The trick when making something for someone is to say, for Christmas, for your birthday, for whatever, but do not specify a year. Then when it’s done before next Christmas or 3 years from now, you’re still on schedule. Honestly, why do guys need these things spelled out? :wink: This will be perfect for playing hide and seek with a little one, either her own or a niece or nephew or whomever.

One of my most frustrating projects to date was a triangular shawl from the garter stitch dish cloth pattern knit on the diagonal where each row has a yo on one end. That thing was a nightmare and I so detest correcting mistakes in garter st since the knit side flips with each row. I finally decided I am not starting over again, did it to the good-enough standard and convinced my daughter she needed it and bless her, she got it out of my sight! She said she’d use it when she takes the dogs out at 4 a.m. and that somehow seems fitting.

Wonderful use of color and yarn. It looks beautiful from here. Who wouldn’t love it?

Drives me nuts when I do that. I made a sweater last year that had a lot of yo’s and there I’d be ripping rows out over and over because I forgot one. It looks great and love the color.

Oh I think this is utterly SUBLIME! I really love it! You chose a wonderful yarn, and color…and the pattern stitch shows off the yarn and colorway so nicely! I’d never know you had any boo-boos!

I know whatcha mean about mistakes in a pattern stitch like this. Oh boy, do I ever! And I don’t know if a lifeline would really help much…but I’d try to figure out a way to use one, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I had to laff at your humor…“repeat to infinity and beyond…” he he That struck my funny bone!

It’s a great knitted work of art! Be proud!

That’s so cool! Beautiful color, too. :thumbsup:

Great color!! Love it… experience is what you get, when knitting a pattern and drop a stitch! ;0

That’s 'cos Wendy fixed them all – or at least got me back to where I could start over. I NEVER would have been able to do this without her.

But I liked it, and more importantly, my DIL LOVEd it.

That is a wonderful scarf - I really like the spiral in it.

Kiddos for not giving up on it all.

I love that! Looks like 14 ply - yummy and warm.

It was some “locally grown” yarn and yeah, it’s like… butter. All I really needed to know about it was my DIL would love it (she did). It kinda screamed her name.

I got a kick out of your post too. :lol: I think we can all relate to the stitch that looks easy, but make a mistake… :ick: Turned out beautifully.

Wait til you see the one I write about the “Try The Decaf Scarf”. THAT one is really chewing my brains!

Beautiful, mojo! Lucky woman!

She seemed pleased with it… once she figured out what it was :wink:

We never, ever do anything nice and easy!