FO: The Crochet Rat Family :)

I’ve made them maybe year ago. Now they’re having a new clothes :slight_smile: They have a wonderful house built from cartoon and furnitures from lego :smiley:

and I didn’t use a pattern as always :smiley:

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!! :inlove:


How very clever and cute! Adorable!

To cute!

:smiley: Love them…too cute :thumbsup:

No pattern? :shock: Really great job! I myself am a slave to the pattern! Even if I try to alter an existing pattern, the results are generally BAD.

Those are adorable!

When I was a little girl my great grandmother crocheted me and my brother each a rat holding a piece of cheese sort of like those in your picture. I treasured it and I still have it tucked away in my hope chest!

I am sure whomever receives those darling rodents will do the same!