FO - "The Blanket"

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, the past few months of my life have been consumed by a patchwork blanket. 40 garter stitch squares, approximately 9" x 9", seamed together. Made as a housewarming/Christmas gift for my cousin.

Finished it on December 23. Not 100% satisfied with it, but not so horrible that I wouldn’t give it as a gift.

Here it is.

Won’t be doing this one again. Well … maybe for a baby blanket that would only need to be a quarter the size. But probably not.

My cousin loved it, though. So all’s well in the end.


Looks great!

Beautiful! It’s a wonderful combination of colors and the patchwork really shows them off. Worth all the work, I’d say.

It came out beautiful!!! And I like how all your squares are the same size!! That would be the hardest part for me.

You can be very proud of your color combo and neat even stitches


Thank you ! :blush:

Thanks so much :blush: That was one of the things I was pleased with, the way the colors turned out. I had to mail order the yarn so it was a leap of faith!

Thank you! :blush: When I first started, I was so worried about the size thing! It seems like the chunky, acrylic yarn was very forgiving. I washed all the squares before I sewed them together, and after a trip through the washer and dryer, they all came out more or less the same size. If I had any deviations, I could sort of “fudge” them as I was seaming.