FO: The blanket that took FOREVER

I wanted to make something for DH to take on the ship with him (he’s in the navy). I figured a blanket would be nice, that way when he’s away from me, he can be wrapped up in something I made. Here were his requests: he wanted it really large, he wanted it in Dallas Cowboy colors (although after what Romo did, I’m sure he’s regretting that one), and he wanted it simple.

I decided to do it in alternating garter and stockinette stripes. It’s double-stranded on size 13 needles. It took about 20 skeins of Caron Simply Soft. Not the best yarn, but I figured it’ll stand up to being on the ship. I had a bunch of other projects going so it took me about 4 months to complete it. I’m so happy though, now I have NO projects OTN and can start making something for myself.

Wow, Navy blue and gray how cool. My husband is from New Mexico, Las Cruces and I have been through Tucumcari several times. He was also in the Navy, for 20 years actually. I had a bigger “Navy” project a while back. My husband wanted his office painted in Navy colors! Boy, was that a job finding the colors for it! I finally found his colors, Cadet Gray and Navy Blue! :rofl: Really!

The blanket is great and your husband will love having it aboard ship in those coffins they call bunks!

Now that’s a lot of love!

That turned out really nice. :cheering:

:thud: that’s a lot of knitting! it’s fantastic!

That is one big labor of love. It looks beautifully done!

That looks great!

That’s a very nice blanket! :cheering:

Thanks. The thing is, I’m wondering how exactly he plans on using it. He sent me pictures of his rack and it is SOOOO small. Folding it in half and putting it on there would make it way too warm.

Yeah, they are itsy bitsy. My husband is 6’2" and he said he used to sleep fetal position to fit in there. He will figure it out I am sure. It is a very sweet thing to do for him and I know he really appreciates it. It can connect him with home when he looks at it even if he doesn’t use it much. You at least have email and cell phones. We were active duty in the days of snail mail and pay phones at ports! :smiley: He would get a letter telling him the car was fixed before he got the letter saying it broke down and I didn’t have the money to get it fixed!! Hope his tour is short and he is back with you soon. What ship is he aboard? Jack was always on aircraft carriers, the Ranger and the Kennedy. He was in aviation electronics then later taught A and B electronics school in Memphis when the Memphis base still had all the electronics schools there.

Yeah, the e-mail thing is fantastic. He’s been in 12 1/2 years and when he went on his first deployment it was snail mail for us. Then on his second deployment they TRIED to do the e-mail thing, but they didn’t have it quite down and we only got to e-mail each other a couple times. It’s much better now.

He’s on the USS Bonhomme Richard. He just got off 3 years of shore duty, so this pretty much sucks.

you said it !!!

It’s big enough that he can wrap himself completely in it while he’s away from you, no matter that size of the bunk. :heart:

maybe he could use it like a sleeping bag. lay on half and cover in half.

btw, it looks awesome :heart: . probably would’ve taken me a year to finish :teehee:

Very nice
I M thinking of doing a hoover blanket for a friend
thin on the edge, nd thicker warmer in the middle
and if I use a lighter weight yarn and double it, maybe with gradient colors, the back and forth of the stitches could get exciting colorwise


am I addicted to knitting or WHAT???


It looks wonderful!

Fabulous!! I’m sure it will keep him very cozy while he’s away from home!