FO: The "11th Hour Hat" for DH


I was flippin’ through the pages and pages of HAT PATTERNS over at Ravelry…and came up with about a dozen that I thought DH would like. So, here is one of them! The pattern is FREE, but you don’t have to be logged into Ravelry to get the pattern. It is also available off the Ravelry grid.

The 11th Hour Hat

Here is my hat for DH, using 1 skein of Peruvian Sierra Aran for the garter stitch band (…and 1 skein of Araucania Atacama color 506 variegated. It sits like a beanie on his noggin with the garter stitch band turned up (as shown)…but he can flip the band down over his ears and neck if he needs to. This was a STASHBUSTIN’ project. Took one evening to finish.

Here is a photo of the MODEL hat…100% using DK yarn.

Very nice, and it looks so warm too! As usual, a wonderful job on knitting! But of course, we really expect all your pieces to be masterpieces nowadays. Keep up the good work!

What a neat, fast project! Go, ArtLady, Go ArtLady! :cheering:

Looks beautiful as always…you really have an eye for color too!!! :muah:

:thumbsup: Great job!!

Very nice,i like the colors!

It was very satisfying to get somethin’ done in one evening! :thumbsup:
I’m always seem to be knitting mega patterns. :pout:

I love the color combination. :slight_smile:

One evening? I must start knitting faster. :slight_smile: Impressive!

I don’t post often or at all. :wink: But I’ve been thinking about making this hat for awhile now and I love the colors you have used. Looks great! Beautiful knitting.
I can relate on the mega projects also, been knitting a X-L sweater for myself and I don’t think it will ever get done.


Hi Phyllis!

It said to [COLOR=Blue]provisional cast on[/COLOR] (my first time [COLOR=Blue]for that[/COLOR]!) for the garter band so that you can graft the provisional cast on edge to the live stitches at the end. I wasn’t gettin’ it :doh:…so I did a 3 needle bind off…and it looks fine.

That grafting stuff isn’t easy. It didn’t seem important enough to the hat’s design to fight with it for too long…so I gave in, and gave up…and 3 needled it! :thumbsup:

But of course, we really expect all your pieces to be masterpieces nowadays. Keep up the good work!

Isn’t that the truth!

I love the colors that you chose. My DH would like that also, and the pattern looks like fun.

How 'bout a picture of your DH with the hat :teehee: ? It looks wonderful - cozy and warm and the colors add it an extra feeling of warmth :thumbsup:

I told him tonight that everyone likes his new hat! He asked, “How come you didn’t wait for me to model it for you?”

My oh My! He ain’t shy!

Tomorrow, I’ll get him outside in front of the spruce tree! Stay tuned!


Thanks Artlady. I will probably try the provisional cast on but I think I’ve tried it before and didn’t get it either. Will probably go with the 3 needle bind of also. Thanks for the tip.

Nice stash busting! Great colors (shhh…I like yours lots better than the model hat…)

Shhh. :teehee: Here is a great video clip that helped me figger out the crocheted provisional cast-on! Crocheted Provisional Cast On

That looks great-I really love the colors! Pretty yarn, want to touch :teehee:

was there a specific reason you had to use that type of cast on?

That cinnamon garter stitch hat band, as you can see, is sideways. You cast on 15 st…then knit it for the prescribed length…don’t bind off…rip out the provisional cast on stitches…and graft them together with the 15 st at the end. It makes an invisible seam…meaning…you can’t tell where the hat band begins nor ends.

From there, you pick up stitches around one edge of the hat band, and then begin to knit in-the-round for 4"…then begin the decreasing process.