FO - thanks to Silver!

Giving all credit to Silver… I have finished my very first pair of socks. For 5 years I have avoided making them out of total fear and intimidation. Her Sock tutorial was amazingly helpful and is probably the only reason that I am now knitting socks!

They are not perfect but they are mine! I used Fluo yarn but it is not the best sock yarn - not very stretchy - but it was good for learning. I have since purchased a bit more sock yarn and am thrilled with the prospect!

:notworthy: Silver is so amazing for sharing this wonderful information! Thank you so much!!! And for anyone afraid of doing socks… if I can do it, you can do it! Silver makes it so easy!!!



Isn’t it fun to make the heel? That was my favorite part.

I kept showing my husband…“Look! I made a heel!” He did his best to be encouraging…such a sweet man. It’s got to be hard to get excited about a sock when you’re not the one making it.

WTG :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: That’s a beautiful sock :smiley:

YAY!!! :happydance: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

silver is a blessing, and that is one excellent looking sock

:cheering: Great job! :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: socks rule!!! And so does Silver!

Great job!! Glad you enjoyed making socks - a new project to help increase the stash!!

:oops: I’m supposed to be DECREASING the stash - not adding to it! But… it’s so much fun and the yarn is sooooo pretty.

I am currently working on my second pair of socks and… I feel like I’m knitting thread with toothpicks. :shock: The first pair I did on size 5 needles so these 2’s are taking some getting used to. I still like it a lot and cannot wait to try new patterns. Actually, my DS wants me to knit him kilt socks so that he can wear a kilt to the school dance. Can’t wait for his dad to hear about this! :roflhard:

Thanks for all the lovely compliments. They all make me feel so much better about what I was afraid didn’t come out quite right.


I think buying sock yarn is so addictive because you don’t have to think about buying 10 or 12 balls to make one object. And it’s all so pretty!

And you shouldn’t give Silver ALL the credit! You did knit the socks yourself! :cheering:

that looks great!!!

i love the colors. :thumbsup:

The sock is beautiful. The color is great too. But PLEASE tell me what the gorgeous sock yarn is on the right that you are knitting with now. I love those colors.

Oh, sorry! Yes! The one with the needles sticking out of it is currently in use. That’s my “knitting thread with toothpicks” project. I like it but… :shock: this yarn is so thin! I honestly do not know how people knit with those “000” needles! :??

I’ll post a pic as soon as I get an actual sock done - it’s coming along slowly but I’ll get it! Oh, and the red and brown? That’s yummy yarn and gets done on 3’s - machine washable and goes into the dryer! I’m looking forward to using those.


What kind of sock yarn and what colorway is it? It is just gorgeous!!!

Great job! :thumbsup: I’d love to know what that yarn on the right is too.

:thumbsup: Fantastic!