FO - Textured Windows Scarf

Finally have the pattern done and got a photo of the FO. This is an easy, quick scarf to knit with just enough detail that it kept it interesting for me. I’ll be adding it to Ravelry today, but for now here it is for those who were interested.

I had a hard time getting a picture of this. It’s so long and then the lighting was bad. The rocking horse seemed as good as any place to to hang it. :teehee:

That really came out nice! It looks so soft and comfortable. I think the horse posing with it was a good idea.

Beautiful! I am excited about the pattern:yay:

How pretty!

I loved seeing it on Ravelry–have it marked and saved! It’s gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

Beautiful!! Thanks for the pattern!

Very pretty Jan :yay: I like your rocking horse “model” :slight_smile:

Very pretty the scarf and the rocking horse!!

Beautiful scarf! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern:hug:

BTW… DH made the rocking horse for DD1 when she was born. It’s redwood with leather ears and rope mane. The mane is now more like dreadlocks so it doesn’t hang over the front like it used to. :lol:

<3 The scarf and the horsey!! :o)

love the stitches

That came out beautiful!
I have been looking for a scarf to make for myself this year and I think this is it!
I know you put the name of the yarn, but can you tell me what kind of yarn it is?


Jan, just went on Ravelry and all the info about the yarn I found there…thanks,


Oh good! :thumbsup: Thanks you everyone!

Looks terrific!