FO: Textured Chenille Sweatshirt

FO!!! :woohoo:This is my first sweater ever. It was easy. Towards the end of it though I decided it wasn’t the right shape for me, but perfect for my mom (the model). I did it in Yarn Bee’s Dreamy Chenille. My original post is here.

I did the sleeves slightly different from the pattern (only because I messed up on the first one and didn’t want to frog and redo both) :wink: I think it turned out OK. I also made it about 4" longer, because mom doesn’t like short sweaters.

This is soooooooo soft. It was hard to keep the dogs off of it. LOL!

It looks fabulous and I’m sure your mom loves it!

It’s gorgeous and she looks great in it!

Oh, it looks so soft!! Your mom’s lovin’ it, I’m sure. What a great gift.

That turned out great! Managing to solve the problem you came to with the sleeves is terrific. They certainly look right, so no one will ever guess. The color and texture are really nice and it looks very nice on your mom.

:heart: Pretty lady and pretty sweater! You did GREAT! :thumbsup: Love the texture and the color!

Lu - You did a great job! I LOVE it!

Looks Great! That is a good color for your Mom too!!

Thanks all! :muah:

The knobby texture makes it huggably soft!!! It’s an easy stitch and after a while you can do it without looking. I’m almost sorry I gave it away. LOL! :wink: But mom really liked it! It’s a Christmas gift. But I’m also going to secretly make her some socks :wink:

I’m going to make the Tree of Life cardigan for myself next.

That is awesome! I think I may have just found a sweater pattern for me! :mrgreen:

The weather is turning cooler (where I live anyways!) and those cozy soft sweaters are SO appealing right now. It looks great and I’m sure you mom will love it.

Wow - that’s a great sweater. My mom would love that too!

That is just lovely and looks so nice on your mum. :hug:

How beautiful! Great model, too!

That looks wonderful…great color!! :happydance:

I can’t really add anything new to what everyone has already said, but it looks professionally made and i am sure your mom loves it. It is a fabulous sweater, those four extra inches really added some class. Your mom is right about short sweaters, it’s not fun to lift your arms and show everyone your tummy.

You did a great job!! It’s lovely!

Looks nice and I love the texture.

Very Nice! I really like the texture too. You did a wonderful job. :yay::yay:

Looks great and comfy.