FO: Terry's Tennis Vest

My husband plays tennis, and requested a tennis vest like Jimmy Connors used to wear. I found a picture in an old book, and used Barbara Walker’s sleeveless sweater instructions from Knitting From the Top to design this vest. It is seamless, knit from the top from a provisional cast-on. The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash. I was a little disappointed with the yarn because the deep blue bled onto the white when I blocked it, but overall it’s turned out pretty well. Here’s a pic of my hubby in his vest, and one of the model (2nd photo).

Incredible!! I actually like yours better! :slight_smile:

:yay:It looks wonderful…I bet your dh is very happy and prolly didn’t even notice the bleeding of color

What a great vest!

Yours has so much more style to it!!! Looks awesome:inlove:

Wow! It fits him perfectly and it looks great. :yay:

Very nice!

Yours is so much nicer!!

Looks great!:cheering:

Fantastic!..Great gift!You’ve done a great job!!:cheering:
The vest looks superb:cheering:

Looks GREAT, nice job!

Awesome vest! :yay:

Slim that is an excellent job of replicating a vest from a picture. Just great!! Did your DH take that picture of himself? He sure looks nice in your sweater.

Wow, looks awesome.