FO: Teeny Tiny Felted Tote

I just realized I hadn’t posted this yet! I updated my Ravelry page but forgot to post it here. This is my first felted project and my first bag. It was really easy and REALLY SUPER fun! Here is the pattern for it: Teeny Tiny Felted Tote

I modified it by adding I-cord handles to make it more purse-like, and I really like it. I’m going to make a few of them for Christmas gifts.

Here it is before I felted it with the dollar bill for size comparison

And here it is post-felted. It’s not a ton smaller because I really stretched it out during blocking:

Thanks for looking!

How neat! How long did it take you?

Thanks! The knitting part took me maybe 5 hours or so including the I-cord, but I had to spread that out over a few days because I don’t have much knitting time each day. That could probably have been done faster, but I’m still a pretty slow knitter :). The felting and blocking took almost 3 days since it’s so humid and it took forEVER to dry.

I feel for ya. It is sooo hot and humid here… Ack. Felt does take quite a while to dry when it is humid. :slight_smile:

It’s not supposed to be humid here! I’m in new mexico where it’s supposed to be hot and DRY! lol When it’s humid, our coolers don’t work well and we can’t stay cool. It’s terrible!

Swamp coolers? We tried something simalar this year, but they didn’t work. We are living in a half gutted, no AC, over 100 y/o farm house. We are working on it, but it’s slow. lol

Yep, everyone has swamp coolers here. They usually work pretty good, but it’s been storming a lot so it’s humid, and when it’s humid the swamp coolers don’t work worth beans. UGH Luckily it cools down nicely in the evenings. A couple more hours and I’ll have relief from the heat and humidity until tomorrow. lol Someday we may get a window unit or something just for times like this!

I live in the South, where it is always humid. What is a swamp cooler?

Hmmm that’s hard to explain. We use them here instead of refrigerated air conditioners because they’re much cheaper to run. It’s a unit that sits on top of most houses and runs through the ducts like a typical AC, but no refrigeration unit. It has a big thick pad inside that and tubing that constantly drips water to keep that pad wet, then a big fan that blows air through the wet pad, essentially blowing the water-cooled air into the ducts and into our home. It adds humidity to our usually very dry air since we’re in the desert, but when it is already humid it just doesn’t work well and we just have hot, humid air.

We lived in Rio Rancho, and Las Lunas for seven years. It was so hot during the summer! We thought that swamp coolers worked wonderfully, kept the houses very nice and cool. They’re also called ‘evaporative coolers’.

Friends living in Alamogordo say they aren’t working so well this year, the humidity has been up to 40%, most of the time. They bought an AC unit, but the old electrical system in their 100 year old adobe, won’t support it.

Good luck to you all staying cool!

Hey that’s where I live - Los Lunas! Small world, huh? The humidity today was 60%, but all summer it has been much higher than normal, so we might have to consider another method of cooling if it continues for another summer.

Love your little bag. I am making my first booga bag, waiting for another skein of yarn to arrive so I can finish it. but was interested to know that you can stretch the bag so it does not shrink as much.

Your little bag is too cute! What a great gift idea. Hope you can get some relief from the heat and humidity soon.

Thanks Slim. It looks like today is going to be our typical HOT DRY day, so here’s hoping :).

Karina, I didn’t know either! The plastic box I had intended to block it on was way too big by the time it was done felting (2 times through the wash btw), but that was the size I wanted my bag to be, so I just streeeeeeeeeeetched it over the box thing while it was still wet and it’s still really stretchy. It dried with the perfect dimensions and shape by doing it that way. If I hadn’t stretched it that way, it wouldn’t have been a very useful bag at the size it was!

:yay: Very cute!

Now that’s darn cute!!!

Nice job on the bag. It’s cute. :slight_smile: