FO- Teddy sweater

So here’s the sweater fr my son’s teddy. I used wool ease in a browninsh verigated color (its called woodsy something or other) which may not have been the right color since teddy is also brown :rollseyes: but I had some leftover from something else so.

Oh, it’s sooo cute!!! :inlove: :inlove:

Great sweater! I love knitting sweaters for teddies… :smiley: Maybe because it’s quick? :wink:

Love, Love :smiley:
I love that teddy, too…very soft looking, love his coloring :heart:

Too cute!


Love it! :heart: What’s the stitch pattern across the chest part?

Perfect! :heart:

Great teddy sweater! :heart:

Has your son asked for a matching one yet? :wink:

:cheering: Love it!!!