FO- Teddy Bear!

I’m sorry. I’m new to forums so bare with me. Even after reading the how to things I can’t do anything, haha! Once I figure out how to delete the other post I will. But here is Amelia hopefully! Thanks!

I got this lovely pattern from a great book by Sandra Polley called the Knitted Teddy Bear. It is the Catherine Bear pattern. It isn’t challenging, just basic stockinette stitch with increases and decreases, it’s just rather large!

Well dang! I thought you were a beginner based on your other post! He’s gorgeous!

Aww, thanks! I’m pretty good at following patterns I guess. I taught myself how to do most things, so when it comes to stuff like “reading your stitches” I never really learned how to do that I guess.

That is so cute! So perfectly done too! :cheering:

She is perfect ! Nice work :slight_smile:

It’s cute. Keep up the good work.

She is very cute. Good work.

:inlove: aww what a cute bear and I love the name Amelia (it’s part of my daughter’s middle name)…Great job!!

She looks pretty challenging to me–all that shaping, and I hate putting all the parts together. You did a great job. Very nice bear!!

Oh Amelia is beautiful! It makes me want to finish Oliver that just needs to be sewn together.

I had so many plans to make all the bears…then the realization that I don’t like to sew hit me.

I love it, what a great bear!

great job, it looks just perfect.

Aww she is soooo cute!! great job!!

I made several bears before her and hated sewing them up until i learned about the mattress stitch! It’s a magical stitch that gives you perfect seams and you don’t have to sew on the wrong sides and flip you just sew the right sides. Although for the body and the head I used a sewing machine because I thought hand sewing her there would mostly likely be too messy. The machine helped it look nice and neat.

Wow, what a beautiful teddy bear. I’d love to make one of those.

Great job :cheering:

Wow! Love the bear!

Oh amelia is adorable and you did a great job.I love making dolls and teddys

So cute! I love how easy and quick bears are!

Oh how cute!! Great job. :smiley: