FO: Tea Cosy

My eldest gave me a very pretty small teapot and I decided after a while that I should knit a cosy for it to keep it warm. I finished it off yesterday and it just about fits the teapot.

I’ll post a photo when I get one taken.


It sounds lovely! So is it a [U]wee[/U] bit too short or is it supposed to “about fit the teapot”? Would edging help make it a little larger?

And excuse my ignorance, but what’s the purpose of a tea cosy anyway? Does it keep your tea warm?

I can’t wait to see! Yes, Antares, it helps keep tea hot.

These tea cozies are so effective at keeping the tea hot that I knit a little aran sweater cozy for a friend’s coffee pot. Works for coffee too! Looking forward to seeing your cozy.

We sometimes put two tea cosies on a pot of tea, especially if we brewed extra and want some for later.

Still anxious to see your Tea Cozy! :hug:

Fret not pets, your waiting time is at an end. Here is a picture of the tea cosy. It has been keeping the teapot - and my tea - nice and hot. The pattern calls for cotton yarn, but I just used some worsted from my stash.


Brilliant, I like the top part, no ties or tassels there! :yay:

Cute. Effective. WIN WIN!! Very, very good! Cheery too.

I like it!

Very cute and lovely bright happy yellow!

Lovely little cozy! And it’s very cozy looking, too. Thanks for posting.

Thank you all for you favourable replies. Brenda, there is actually supposed to be a little crocheted handle on the top of the cosy, but I opted out of that one as I don’t do crochet.


Very cute, Gillian - and definitely cozy.

Well worth waiting for. Very nicely done and a very neat top too. Many happy and warm cups of tea to you.

Very nice and cheerful. The tea shop I frequent uses them and they do work. I’m lazy though and go there rather than making tea on my own. I’d have to get a tea pot before I knit the cosy.

Thank you Woodi, Salmonmac and KnitandPurl!