FO: tater cardi for dd! NOW UPDATED WITH PICS!

I just finished the tater cardi last night for my 2 and a half year old. i made it with caron ss in autumn red (she picked the color). i also made her a matching crochet head band. I"m at work now but i’ll post the pic when i get home. i took it of her wearing them this morning :slight_smile: she loves them!!

Your daughter is adorable and the tater cardi is beautiful, the red looks great on her!

Oh how cute she is! That sweater is so pretty!

ahhww! How adorable.

Very very cute! I love that color of yarn, it makes a really pretty sweater!

Beautiful! And what a smile on that little girl! :inlove:

thank you guys for your kind words. I really enjoyed making it!

Awww, what a beautiful daughter you have!! I love the sweater -she picked a great color! :muah:

Beautiful knitting! Beautiful MODEL! :slight_smile:

She sure looks like she loves it !!!
Both are adorable!!!
Great job on sweater :cheering:

That sweater is very adorable and your daughter is beautiful!

I’ve been told somewhere that kids will instincitvely pick out colours that look best on them! I’d say your daughter does!

all three (including your daughter) are beautiful!!