FO: Taos Sophie

I intended this bag for myself, but it turned out so cute I think I may give it to my DIL for her b’day next month (two of my dils have b’days in September.) The yarn is Crystal Palace Taos in Colorway 10, Hopi. The pattern is Sophie from Black Sheep Bags. I added an I-cord bind off and modified the strap.

Really pretty bag, she’ll love it. VERY nice of you to give it away, not sure I’d be so generous. :teehee:

Wow! I’ve made the Sophie Bag (back when it was free) and I like yours so much better! It looks fabulous!

Very nice!

Really cute.

it’s soooo pretty. wish i were your DIL! <g>


Beautiful ! It is so pretty :slight_smile:

Wow, it turned out great. Awesome felting.

Nice job! It looks great!

Love the bag!


What a great-looking bag. The colors are perfect for the up-coming season too. You DIL is one lucky recipient-to-be.

Oh that is gorgeous, I really love the muted colors and the strap. Good job. Now tha tyou’ve got it down pat you can do another for yourself and your other D-I-L and every family gathering you will accidentally take each other’s purse. LOL

WOW, that’s a beautiful bag. Love the color, too! - Trisha :slight_smile:

Oh, no, I never thought of that – I’ve already cast on for another!

:happydance: love the colors and she will love it!