FO--Tank Top

I’ve been trying to finish up this silly top all summer! It’s finally done…I like it just ok. I’d like to figure out some different neck shaping in the future (my design). The yarn is Lea, more details at my blog.

nice! :muah:

YAY, I’m happy to see that you finished it!!! It’s GORGEOUS, looks great on you :cheering: :cheering:
do I see another MagKnits design?! I think so :teehee:

Thanks…I don’t know…I wasn’t planning on submitting it. Especially now that it took me so long to finish, I’m not sure I’d be able to write the pattern!

Wow! I think it’s gorgeous! :cheering:

Really nice design!:inlove: It fits just right. :thumbsup:

Very pretty!! It fits you perfectly and looks great on you!!

It looks great! :thumbsup:

Great job. :thumbsup: Beautiful fit.

For the back of the neck, did you do a v or u shaping?

It looks fantastic. Nice work once again Kemp.

that is awesome! :cheering: great job!
of course it also doesn’t hurt that you have a great bod! :smiley: :thumbsup:

You GO Kemp! That is absolutely beautiful…just like you! :cheering:


Kemp, that’s just beautiful!

Look at that shape, er, I mean shirt! It is beautiful, as are you! :hug:

What a beautiful tank top, and it looks just gorgeous on you. It fits beautifully.

Very nice. It’s great to see tank tops that don’t droop under the arms.

Mama Bear

Thanks everyone! :muah: Y’all are so sweet!!! :heart:


:cheering: WOW … beautiful … and it looks great one you!!

Oh wow Kemp! Wow!