FO: tank top for my baby dd

This tank top was super-simple. It’s just k2p2 rib knitted in the round, with crochet chain straps, but it turned out pretty cute! It’s made from recycled baby weight cotton. And it’s perfect timing, too; it’s going to be 85 degrees here today.


Isn’t it lovely how we just skip right over spring and run headlong into summer?!

oh that is adorable! have a great sunshiny day!

What a dollbaby and love the top!


That is so cute.

She is so cute! The top is nice, also, but the baby is adorable!

Beautiful :slight_smile:

Very cute.

Aww, she looks so cute in it.

Too cute. I should make one for my little one. I have 3 girls as well.

:inlove: what a cutie!! I love the tank!:thumbsup:

SOOO dear! What a cute little top and model!

That is so cute. I have got to try and make one for my daughter. And the model is georgeous as well.