FO: Sylvi

I started Sylvi in the fall of 2008. In early 2009, the project stalled because I wanted to make some modifications and wasn’t sure how to do them. I had finished the body and sleeves, and put the pieces in storage.

I wanted to omit the hood and make a collar, but I wasn’t sure what type of collar I wanted. I wanted to put onseam pockets in, but I wasn’t sure how exactly to do it. And I wanted to sew in a lining, but I don’t really sew AT ALL, and I don’t have a machine.

So Sylvi sat until 3 weeks ago, when I resolved to finish or frog all 8 of my LONG TIME UFOs (I’m at 4 finished so far!). I decided to just go with the pattern. I sewed her up, knitted the hood, and what do you know, I love Sylvi!

I am still a little worried about this heavy knit growing, but… for now she is perfect.

I got the buttons from Etsy. I like that they are handmade, too!

We haven’t had weather to wear Sylvi yet, but I’m hopeful late January and February will bring me an excuse.

ArtLady, I hope you see this, because YOU were a HUGE help to me during our KAL for Sylvi.

Now for some photos. Please excuse my Doberman, Darcy. She thinks she needs to be in every photo. :teehee:

2 more photos!

Wow that is one awesome sweater/coat!!!

Absolutely stunning! How beautiful! I love your buttons, too. Congratulations on a wonderful FO!!!
:cheering: :yay: :happydance:
Enjoy wearing it. May the weather cooperate.
Thank you for sharing your photos…dog and all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful! :thumbsup:
And of course Darcy must be in every photo!:teehee:

That is gorgeous, Maureen!! :inlove:

Absolutely gorgeous! I so glad that you finished Sylvi. You both should be out and about and looking fabulous. Well done.

Wow, absolutely spectacular. It is a beautiful garment that I know you have to love.

TRIPLE WOW, Maureen. Congratulations on completing what I would fear to even begin. It looks great! I hope you get to wear it soon.

and I thought your other post showing a UFO was a great accomplishment, until I saw that you did this! I am totally awed.

Sylvi looks fantastic, a job beautifully done. Now, you are ‘inspiring’ me to finish my Sylvi also, which is in hibernation. I put it aside after the sleeves and the fronts as I was really dubious about the detail(s) on the back of the coat. Yours looks perfect. :yay:

Wanda, get out your Sylvi! I can’t believe mine had just some odds and ends left (and the hood went so quickly). I kept thinking of the pieces as being nowhere near finished, but it really did not take much work to get the end product.

Some of us in the KAL had knitted all the flower petals and bobbles separately and attached them afterward, which is what I did. ArtLady had instructions for how to do each - they are still there in that Sylvi KAL thread. It was a little maddening attaching all the bobbles at the end, but I think it turned out nicely. That would be an option for the petals if you didn’t want to pick up and knit them.

I was thinking about putting a flower on the front, too, but I think I am pretty happy with Sylvi just how she is now! If only I could get a chilly weekend day so I could wear her out! :slight_smile:

this is beautiful–the buttons are really neat too. Thanks for the photos. linknit41

Really Beautiful. Congrats on finishing it.

Really wonderful looking.

What a fabulous looking coat! I’m so glad you were able to finish this rather than undo all your hard work. I hope you get lots of miles out of it!!

Everytime I see someone making Silvi I turn a little green with envy, then enthusiastically throw 2 bags of matching yarn onto the bed and stare at it while thinking that one day I will also make a garment that fits someone older than 5.

Great accomplishment.

MAUREEN!!! Your Sylvi is wonderful! And you look so nice in it! Tall and trim! Wow!
doesn’t it feel GREAT to have finished your coat? Wow!

My Sylvi, as you know, was all done…seamed up…the works…but my single ply [U]yarn choice[/U], combined with the [U]pattern stitch[/U] (seed), combined with the [U]raglan styling[/U]…ALL 3 combined to become the Bermuda Triangle.

My sleeves are mountain gorilla in length, despite the fact that I knit them 4" shorter.
(They fit perfect for the mock-seamed fitting/try-on). But the Bermuda Triangle pulled my coat southward, therefore sending the sleeves over the ends of my fingertips.

So I un-seamed my whole darn coat…bought some chiffon lining for the upper body…and there the entire mess lays, folded neatly…waiting for me to somehow stitch the lining to the upper body…then re-seam the entire project…and re-knit the collar (or hood).

Oy vey!

I am very proud of you for finishing! My coat is white as well. It is really a winter wonderland in color!
I love your Sylvi! And you!

Stunning! So glad you included some close ups so we could see the beautiful patterning. Love the buttons… so unique and beautiful… just like this project.
TEMA :thumbsup:

Yes if you notice, my sleeves are a bit longer than necessary! Of course, it helps that I actually have mountain gorilla arms, so they are ok after all! :slight_smile:

One thing I was bummed about is that I saw some of the more recent Sylvis have a different cuff variation - they used a variation with leaves that look really sharp. Here is one lady’s - her Rav name is lux-solis.It’s hard to see in the red; I know I saw a few others like it. I would have loved those cuffs! But I love my Sylvi anyway!

Now if we could just get a BRIEF cold snap down here in Los Angeles so I could wear her!

Wow! Very nice project. :cheering: It looks great on you!!!