FO: Swing Jacket

This jacket is a quick knit and fun as well.
It took less than a week to make up, but even longer to decide which buttons to use…lol
I decided on the the toggle buttons and placed them on a slant to mimic the slant on the collar.

I made the largest size because I plan on adding a fleece lining.

[B]Mods:[/B] I decreased the height of the collar and increased the rows of ribbing at lower hem. Also changed the garter stitches at lower hem to seed stitch. Using the seed stitch made better sense, since the mid section was done in double moss stitch. And besides, I do not care for the garter stitch. Long story short about the garter stitch…stayed on it too long when I was a child…lol

Pattern: Drops 103-1 Jacket
Yarn: Knit Picks WOA Bulky (Wine)

I definitely will make another!

Very nice!! Love the color!

That is just gorgeous!!! Great choice on the color too!

How pretty, I just love how rich that color is! :slight_smile:

Now this is one beautiful jacket. I LOVE the colour. The buttons really set of the design as well. Congrats on a fabulous job!!!

Really wonderful work.

That is really pretty! I :heart: it~love the color too :slight_smile:

very very pretty! i love the color! can i have it? <g>

That looks wonderful. Love the colour and the buttons.

WOW that is gorgeous!! Love buttons and the color you chose.

Wow you have done a wonderful job on the sweater.How long did it take you to make it?Beautiful colour

Stunning work ! I love everything about it:) Thanks for sharing .

You did a fantastic job, it is just stunning!

Classy! I like the fact that the pattern is diverse - dressy and casual at once.

Gorgeous! I love it. Beautiful work.

OOOOOOOHHH! I really like that!

That jacket is simply beautiful!


LOL…Thank you for your comments!

It only took me less than a week to make up, but it took me a week to decide on which buttons to use…lol

:inlove: very pretty, I love the color!