FO: sweaters, vest for my little boy

Your work is beautiful! I am especially impressed with the v-neck vest. How old is your little boy?

Thank you! He is two years and three months. He is very verbal for his age and when I dress him, he sometimes says something like ‘wow, it’s beautiful. mama knit it for me’. hearing something like that from his older sister who is 4.5 y.o. certainly helps. so it’s definitely worth it :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m dying to know what kind of buttons those are on the placket sweater and where you got them. That has so many possibilities for cardigan baby sweaters.

My knitting is mostly practical stuff like hats, mittens, etc. I detest patterns. I’m always losing my place in them or forgetting where I left off when I set it down. Yes, I know, printed patterns but I’m always losing them. I’m more of a tape measure type of knitter. I’ll work through a pattern if it’s something I really like, take measurements, write them down, and measure for the next thing I make from it.

I’ll admit, I cheat. If a pattern is fairly simple and has directions for umpteen rows, I look at the knitting gauge. Okay, it says 16 rows per four inches that’s four rows per inch. The pattern says to knit 10 rows. That’s 2 1/2 inches. Knit a bit and out comes the tape measure. You reach the target zone and Eureka, you’re there.

My typical adult mitten pattern goes something like this: k1,p1 ribbing for cuff for 3 inches, stockinette stitch for 2 1/2 inches, make opening for afterthought thumb, knit straight for 4 inches, 1/2 inch for the decreases. Total length from cast on to tip of mitten: 10 1/2 inches. Knit thumb for 2 1/2 inches. Done. I know it’s crazy, but it works for me. My tape measure is my best friend.

Well, they are not really buttons. I don’t know the proper name… it’s like a little decorative buckle. They are sewn on both sides and they lock together in the middle. They are useful if you don’t want to have an overlap in the middle. I think JoAnn Fabrics might have something like that.

I got them here :slight_smile: it’s just a local fabric store.

And depending on a baby, some might be interested in unbuckling them if they go all the way down the cardigan :slight_smile: