FO: sweaters for my girl

Hello fellow knitters,

I am new here and this is my first post :slight_smile:

Sorry, pictures didn’t upload for some reason…

Welcome to KH! :waving:

Do you need some assistance in posting pictures? Please let me know if I can help you.

Thanks! I am uploading picture from my computer using instructions. After I click ‘upload’, there is a blank window that says ‘done’ on the bottom. Should I try to upload them from Flikr instead?

You need a few posts to be able to post pictures. Since you’ve got a few you should be able to now.

Click the link in my signature to make sure you’ve resized the photo to an appropriate size or use Flickr and choose a medium size. :thumbsup:

OK, one more attempt :slight_smile:

Those are beautiful!! No patterns, huh? Great job on them!

I deleted the posts that didn’t work for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Can I post some more for my little guy in a different thread?

Sure, New topic, new thread. :thumbsup:

Welcome to Knitting Help. What adorable sweaters! Happy to see your beautiful work.

Oh my word! I just love these! You are inspiring me to do some smaller sweaters to work through my fear of these items. I just love the yarn and the designs you used! Lovely job!!

Wow, you do absolutely amazing work. And even more amazing is the fact that you have done these without a pattern. That is totally awesome!! Good job!!! :slight_smile:

Very very cute

These [I]should [/I]be patterns. They are awesome!

Lovely sweaters. What yarns did you use?

Ok, here comes my confession… most of the time it’s called 100% unknown fiber :slight_smile: (Am I already banned from this forum? :slight_smile: ) And explanation – I usually buy yarn, ahem, from Walmart in 1 pound bags that have this unappetizing name ‘factory mill ends’. BUT I do go around and see if they have the same yarn on the shelf, so some of it is “known”. Two of them are acrylics from Bernat, the dress is some Bernat cotton, but the rest are still mysterious. I just try to feel it and if I like it, I buy it. As you can see, it is possible to make three sweaters from one bag of yarn, not bad for $2.5 dollars a piece :slight_smile:

Another reason – I am still learning and don’t want to be investing too much or run out of yarn. Yet another reason – some of those sweaters have a 6 month wear and tear from very active 4 and 2 year old kids – can you see it in the picture? I hand wash them except the cotton dress that is OK for a washer. So, it works :slight_smile:

Funny story – I made this unfortunate v-neck for my 2 year old boy. First, when I was making it, that ‘mill ends’ suddenly changed colour :slight_smile: However, it looks like ‘design’ and – I swear – I had just the right amount of yarn in this one skein to make it look so. Secondly, it accidentally got into laundry and I was thinking to post it as a warning if someone would ask about machine washing :slight_smile:

Well, since I mentioned it, here it is :slight_smile:

[I][COLOR=“Blue”]“These should be patterns”[/COLOR][/I]

Well, I don’t mind sharing… the only thing I can explain it in different terms… like a process that you control yourself. And you can make them any size that fits… I actually make kids try ‘work in progress’ before finishing. And there are some tricks like always knitting sleeves from top down by picking up stitches of the armhole, so I always know it will fit the opening and be the right length. Oh, and recently I crochet pieces together – for some reason I [I]hate[/I] sewing it together. It looks really neat on the wrong side. And on the right side it’s flat and there is no ‘gap’ in the seam and those "double stitches’ nicely fill the edge stitches so there are no holes.

You’re amazing!

:aww: I hope this smiley face means ‘blushing’ :slight_smile:

These really are some great designs, both this thread and the other one. I would make some of these as adult sweaters honestly.

I am totally amazed. You do fantastic work. Such nice sweaters.:heart: