FO Sweater Ornament

This is actually an egg cozy sweater from the Weekend Knitting book, but I wanted to make it as a Christmas ornament. I think it’s too big though, for that. So I may make it again and make it smaller.

I used size 6 needles, and size 4 dpn’s for the neck. Yarn is acrylic.

How cute!

If you make more, you could tie them together to be a garland-type thing.

OOOOOHHH. Garland. THAT is a fantastic idea!

That is adorable! It looks hard!

I love the garland idea. But I was thinking how many would you need. If you are anything like me …not enough patience :hug:

Could it fit a dolly of the barbie type?

:hug: Sharon


Too cute! A perfect ornament :cheering:

So cute!