FO:Sweater for The Boy or his Ugly Sweater

I have found the joy of knitting top down sweaters. I found this great site that gives a formula for a basic top down Raglan sweater that I adjust accordingly to how I want to make something. I have done a simple Bolero using this pattern and a few others that I did not get a pic of the FO’s. But here is a pic of my sons Ugly sweater as I call it also known as an odd ball sweater. I just used a a bunch of bits and pieces that I had in my stash.

I like it. Its different and unique, plus it fits him great. The colors are complimentary to each other.

Looks great! Good job!!! :cheering:

I think it is adorable! I especially like the black across the shoulders; I think that really sets the sweater off nicely. :slight_smile:

It looks great, and he looks very proud of it! Great colors for a boy. I love top-down raglan sweaters too. This one reminds me of the Wonderful Wallaby.

I don’t think it’s ugly! I think it’s pretty special, besides - looks like he’s loving it:thumbsup:

Very cool! Looks like he loves it!

It looks fantastic and seems that he is VERY happy with it!! Great job!!!

It looks great, and I agree, he seems to LOVE it!! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah he loves it he wore it all night last night. I call it ugly because it has no rhyme or reason to the color scheme and it full of various shades of navy and reds. I had made him an odd ball blanket before and it was ugly as it had so many colors but he loved it and it was the inspiration for his sweater.

I agree it’s not ugly at all and he seems very happy with it!! :thumbsup:

I don’t think I will ever seam a sweater again since finding the joy of a top down sweater it is so easy and I find them quick as well.

Awesome sweater. I really like the variations in the widths of the stripes.

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