FO - Sweater for my Niece

This is the little sweater I finished for my 6 year old niece a few weeks ago. It is on the Lion Brand website done in Microspun. I used my yarn stash (yee-haw!!) and did it up in TLC Cotton Plus (which I love). I added some beads to the out side ties, and on the inside, instead of sewing in a snap, I added ties on the inside. The snap didn’t hold and a bigger snap was visible from the outside. She loves it!


Very cute!

looks fabulous- any issues with the pattern? I’ve got it saved to work on for my little one soon.

Very pretty. l like the ties on the side. she should love it!!

MARYKZ - Pattern issues…

I did have a problem with the sleeves, I wasn’t sure if it was just me or the pattern, although I did rip it out several times and I always had the same problem. I can’t remember exactly, but it had something to due with the rounding of the sleeves, not the part that you inset. The way the pattern worked, it make a really jagged rounded edge (the part where you put the edging on). I didn’t like it, and made a slight adjustment so that the edge was more evenly rounded, it wasn’t hard. The rest of the sweater went perfectly and worked up in no time, but I would suggest putting the ties on the inside instead of the snap. A little snap didn’t hold, and the big snap couldn’t be sewed on with out showing through. Plus with the tie you have more growing room. Good luck! Let me know what happens with the sleeves.

That is gorgeous!!! The yarn looks so soft and luxurious! You did well. :slight_smile: :cheering:

I have that pattern saved, too. I love the way yours turned out! So soft and feminine. Great job! samm

Very nice! She’ll like it!

That is really sweet - she will love it!

Ooohh…Very Pretty…I think my 12yr old niece would love something like that. Great Job:thumbsup:

I can see that layered over a variety of different tops, so it would work for several seasons. Fantastic job! When I learn more, I want to try something like that too.

It is beautiful! I think you did a wonderful job.

I love it. The colour is gorgeous. :yay: