FO: sweater for my DD

here is the sweater i finished for my 3 1/2 year old about 3 months ago or so. it is from the knitting pure and simple site. the childs neck down sweater or whatever its called. made with simply soft.

here’s the link to the photobucket picture

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Oh beautiful… and so is the sweater! Nice job!!!

Nice job! The color looks good on your daughter! She seemed happy to be wearing it. :slight_smile:

Fabulous job. Your daughter looks pleased and proud wearing her handmade sweater from Mom. :thumbsup:

Lovely sweater- and what an adorable little model!

Love the sweater, and the twinkle eyes of the adorable model!

Awww…beautiful model AND beautiful color sweater too!!! :heart:

How adorable!! She looks VERY pleased in her pretty new sweater! Great job!

She’s just adorable and the sweater looks great!

aww how cute!! The sweater looks great :thumbsup:

Your daughter looks so happy in her new sweater. Pretty color, great job.

That looks great!!! Such a pretty sweater, and it fits her perfectly.

Adorable was the first word that came to my mind,and everyone else used it too. She is really cute! Good work on the sweater, the color looks great on her.

Wonderful work! :thumbsup: Love the color! That Caron Simply Soft is the nicest acrylic out there! Thanks for sharing your photos!

Both sweater and little girl are cute!

Gorgeous model and pretty sweater!
GREAT WORK! :thumbsup:

That turned out very successfully. Nice color and good job of knitting. Your daughter has such a bright smile.

thank you all so much for you kind words. my daughter does love the sweater so much so that makes me feel great :). she got mad the first day she wore it to daycare because not all the kids told her wow what a beautiful sweater lol. that pic is not as clear as i wanted but oh well its good enough lol.
btw. i used size 5 needles and made it in the smallest size.
thanks again for all your kind words.

Sweet daughter and sweet sweater:heart: