FO Swallowtail Shawl

It was so hard to get a good picture. I tried inside and out. I can’t believe I knit the whooooole thing! That’s a magazne up in the corner for size reference.

HOLY SH*T!!! That must have taken forever!! It is absolutely stunning. Is that just knitting and purling??

Ingrid…OMGoodness, it’s more beautiful than I expected!! That is so lovely…I thought it was gonna take forever, you knit that rather quickly…I remember you mentioning beginning it not that long ago…not for such a project!!! You are…a knitting goddess :notworthy:

Wowwwww!!! Totally stunning. :inlove: How hard was it to knit? I thinking about trying it one of the days (sometime after Xmas) and definately all for myself :blush: (along with the other several projects)


i’m speechless

that is stunning

that’s it. that’s the list. just stunning.

Thanks everybody! I’m really glad I got it done. I have a feeling that without this forum, I would have abandoned it.

Let’s see. It is mostly stockinette and purled garter, with lots of yos and p2tog, and p2tog tbl, and another stith that involves slipping as if to purl through back loops and making a yo and passing the slipped stitches over. Not hard, but time consuming.

I started this with a different yarn during the summer, but stopped about a third of the way through–it just wasn’t showing the pattern. I started this one in the summer too, I guess, but took lots of breaks. The final third, well a third from bottom to top–more laterally–only took a few weeks. I’d have to go back and check, but I know it was after the November challenge started, so maybe two weeks.

You must have felt so good when you finished that one! WOW!

:roflhard: I echo Liz’s reaction. That is nothiing short of amazing. Not only do I not have the skills for that … but I couldn’t stick with it long enough to get one lil antennae done!

Kudos to St. Ingrid! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

You know, it really is a relief. I loved the yarn, though–merino–and I have lots left over, so I’ll get to use it again. Just not for anything this big that needs such constant attention to the pattern.

Ingrid, this is for you, right?!

Nope. I just wanted to knit it. I’m not a shawl person–they just get in the way. I wasn’t sure who to give it to–my older daughter or my son’s girlfriend, so I showed to to my dd and she said basically that it was nice and her apartment has cold spots, so she’d wear it around the house. :shock:

It’s going to my son’s girlfriend. I know she’ll wear it with style–not leave it bunched up on a chair somewhere.

That is one lucky girl! Your shawl is so beautiful. :inlove:

It is as beautiful as I thought it would be Ingrid…fit for the First Lady :wink: …what will you do with yourself now that it’s finished? :lol:


:roflhard: :roflhard: That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!!

Thanks for the compliment! I think I might have a thing or two around here to work on. :rollseyes:

Ingrid! Fabulous job on it. Just breathtaking. Your son’s girlfriend is one lucky chick!

What yarn did you start with and why didn’t it show the pattern? I haven’t started mine yet, and won’t for a while still, but now you have me wondering if I should go with a different yarn. What do you think?

Absolutely fabulous! I can’t believe you’re giving it away. You should hang it on a wall in your house!



Thank you, Silver, and everyone else!

I started with a mercerized cotton–Lara from elann. It’s a dk weight. I think it didn’t work because it’s got a sheen to it which makes it slick and the yo’s just kind of closed up.

I used merino dk on the finished one.

I don’t know how the fingering weight will work. The pattern is done with the stockinette and garter stitch, with the yo’s/p2togs mainly for definition between the sections. The pattern starts with the bottom points, though, so you don’t have to knit too much to see if the yarn will work. I was in denial, I think, and kept hoping things would improve.

I also think that the lighter color showed the patterning better.

Ingrid, honestly…Im just AGAPE! :shock:

They should re-write that pattern starting at the CO edge so it goes FASTER as you move along…

wow, Ingrid, that’s absolutely beautiful!
I can’t believe you’re giving it away…girl, I’d LEARN to like shawls. hehe.