FO: Swallowtail Lace Shawl

I loved knitting this!! Especially with lifelines. They saved my hide a number of times.

Yarn: Silky Alpaca Lace
Needles: Bruspun Circs #4 and cast off with #6
Pattern: Swallowtail
Mods: 19 repeats of the budding lace (chart 2) and repeated rows 1 & 2 of lace border (chart 4)

Very Lovely! I will be making my daughter-in-law that shawl for a Christmas present.


Very nice!!! I love it! :o)

Incredibly beautiful!!! I would wear it with pride!! :slight_smile:

What a beautiful shawl! An impressive piece of art.

So pretty - that is such a gorgeous pattern and yours turned out aswesome!!


I agree with everyone else who loves it!

Beautifully done.

Light as angel hair! Very beautiful! Great work!

Very nicely done and love that pattern! :yay: :yay: :yay:

Beautiful! Great job! :cheering:

wowzers!! What nice work!! :wink:

Wow, it’s beautiful!!

Oh my…soooo beautiful! You did a lovely job!!! :inlove:

Could you give me some information regarding your needles. I just started lace knitting and realize what needles I have, are NOT going to work. I tried my Denise and the yarn is getting stuck. I switched to a Boye but only because that was all I had…Have you ever tried the Addi lace? Do you know anything about the addi lace interchangeable?

[COLOR=Black][B]I am [/B][B][SIZE=3]VERY[/SIZE] impressed![/B] [B][SIZE=4] FANTASTIC!!![/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]

Gorgeous!! :inlove:

Beautiful work!!!

I’ve just started this shawl and am considering doing the 19 repeats but not sure I have enough yarn. How much yarn did yours take? I’m working mine on size 6 needles and using a sock weight yarn. I’ve completed 9 of the budding lace repeats and it seems very small (even accounting for some heavy duty blocking). It also seems to have used just a small amount of yarn. Any suggestions you have would certainly be appreciated. BTW I know what you mean about lifelines.
Thanks so much.:knitting: