FO-Super Quick Baby Bonnet

I made this for a friend’s baby… I changed the pattern and joined in the round just before starting the decreases so I didn’t have to seam it…

Awww that’s really cute!

That’s beautiful! Good thinking switching to the round like that!

:happydance: very cute! Great job…

Really cute! Are the ties ribbon? How did you attach the ties? I don’t sew much, so I’m curious.

Seaming is EVIL… I avoid it at all costs…

It is ribbon. It’s cut it and did a little hem and then sewed it to the bonnet on the inside. I don’t sew much either so I just put it up in the bonnet enough that it doesn’t show… I’m not good at sewing either…

But you could just make an I-cord for it…

What a darling hat!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: You’re just too funny! LOL!

The hat is so very sweet! :yay:


cute bonnet.has anyone tried knitting elizabeth zimmerman 's heart bonnet . no seaming & also cute

No I haven’t which book is it in? I really enjoyed making this one…

How sweet! I have two babies to knit for this year and they’re both boys!! UGH! I guess I could make some for my 3yo niece’s baby dolls though. Hmmmm …

Thats so cute x

That’s sweet :slight_smile:

Aww, so cute! Love the pretty pink and the design!


That’s really pretty! Great job, she’ll love it!

Aww cute bonnet

Very cute. Nice job. My head perked up when I saw a little head inside the bonnet, I thought we were gonna get a treat and see baby pictures. It’s a DOLL!!! :roflhard:

Cute bonnet!