FO: Sunglasses cozy

I had some left over yarn and decided to make a cozy for my sunglasses… :slight_smile: I used Bernat Satin.

What a great idea!!! :cheering: :cheering: I love Bernat Satin. I have a little left in my stash. How much did it take?

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Less than half of a skein… I will definitely find them next time I am looking for them in my purse… hehehe

Very nice! :heart:

That is so cute! Did you come up with the pattern yourself? Could you let me know how you made it? Please??? :flirt:

[color=indigo]Hi Melissa,

Very pretty little case. :cheering: I am thinking about making a case for a pair of small-sized binoculars and am wondering about how to provide a bit of padding/protection. Your case looks like it is padded. How did you do that?


Landolphe [/color]

I came up with the pattern as I knitted, I will look over it and write it down for you… :slight_smile:


It isnt really padded, I think it looks like that because of the way the stitches are… What about using two strands of yarn? Maybe in Bernat Softee Chunk… :slight_smile: