FO: Summer chemo hat

Several KHers advised me on what to knit for a friend’s daughter who is undergoing chemo for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Thank you again, all of you! This is the cable rib hat from the spring issue of knit1 magazine, using Rowan Calmer in coral, which is amazingly soft yarn.

She’s wearing it over a wig, so it’s snug. Of course, it fits better sans wig, and that’s the measurement I used to make it, but no photo. Reportedly, she loves it.

The top two photos are the hat upon my big head. They’re posted simply to show the hat from all angles.

That is just beautiful! Can you post the link for the pattern? I knit caps for preemies to donate to the hospitals, I wouldl ove to sink my teeth into this project too!

Thank you!
There’s no link to the pattern; it’s in the spring '07 issue of knit1 magazine.

that’s so cute!

It looks great on her! I love that its a unique hat.

That looks great. Pretty colour too.

Wow thats fab!!!

It is just gorgeous and your friend will adore it!

I love it! You did a great job!

It looks great .

I hope she gets better and recovers from this .


Beautiful hat!! I love the pattern, love the color, and the fit looks great. What a wonderful expression of love and support. Hope she gets better soon.

That’s a great hat! She’s adorable!

Well aren’t you cute! And, so is the hat and I am sure she will love it. I hope she is doing okay.

I thank you all! :slight_smile:

For the couple of you who took the youngster to be me, that is not my beautiful face. That’d be my friend’s daughter, for whom I made the hat. Oh to be her age again and know what I know now. :wink: [SIZE=1]I’m the one in the other two photos solely for the purposes of displaying the back and the top of the hat.[/SIZE]

She’s doing very well with her treatments and should be able to return to the university in the spring.

what a beautiful hat! You are a nice friend…

she looks like she truley loves that hat! what a beautiful job!

That’s a gorgeous hat!

:heart:Beautiful hat adorned by beautiful person!!:heart:

Oh wow … that is a darling hat.
I am a breast cancer survivor, 5 months since last chemo and I can tell you from experience how fantastic it feels to have something that makes you feel good and look good too! Hats were/are a significant part of my recovery … before treatment - I had a lot of vanity about my hair :doh:

I would love to make one of these … as like many of us post chemo folk … I got so use to hats, they are now part of my accessories :yay:

Hope I can find the magazine/pattern.

Thanks for posting … and my prayers are with your friend and her family. ATTITUDE and good friends make the journey bearable … and better yet ; survivable.

Sending God’s blessings, KC

That hat is just gorgeous! Just love the colour too!!