FO - Sugar Plum Sundress

I finished this yesterday. You’ll see the model doesn’t look very pleased…because I told her she couldn’t wear it outside LOL

ohhh, it is adorable!

Very cute. Love the expression on your daughter’s face.

LOL - it’s adorable! You’re right, she sure isn’t happy is she?

Beautiful dress. Looks lovely on her . :slight_smile:

She sure is miffed. She is beautiful with that gorgeous hair colour and those expressive eyes. The dress looks really cute on her. What pattern did you use? Great job (once you let her wear it, mean Mommy LOL)!

aww how cute…I love her hair color…the dress looks wonderful :yay:

I completely forgot to put the pattern :doh: It’s the Sugar Plum Sundress found here I used KnitPick’s Twist yarn in Cotton Candy. I had to adjust the pattern, since she used worsted weight, and I used DK

Thanks, Wenda! My 2 yr old DGD will love this! Yours is soooo cute and although the model may seem unhappy, she’ll get over it! LOL! Just LOVE that red hair!

Bless her heart she looks so cute x

What a cutie-pie! Love the dress too :slight_smile:

I love it! Great job!

Now if I could just get DGD to wear dresses.

That came out really cute, Wenda. :yay:

That face is priceless! The sun dress is beautiful, no wonder she wants to wear it outside–to show it off!

I’ve seen that look from my dd too! Great job, she looks cute even with that look on her face… :teehee:


[B]Wenda:[/B] I have a question for you. My DGD takes a size 5 (not with a T at the end). Should I add extra stitches to this pattern? Perhaps make my CO 94 instead of 84? What do you think? I have to try to find lavendar and pink cotton in worsted weight, or if you would assist me, in DK weight cotton.

I used DK weight cotton blend (KnitPick’s Twist). I cast on 102 for DD, and she wears a 4T, 5 at the most right now. There’s room for her to grow too, but the ribbing at the top, plus the straps, keep it from looking too loose. I would suggest, with the DK weight, to go with either 100 or 104. Because I ended my rounds with K2 and the rounds started with K2, so it makes a K4 just at the join. Not a big deal, but still. Oh, and I used size 6 and 10 needles rather than 7 and 11, but that was just me winging it LOL

For the st count on worsted weight, I don’t think you would have to change it, or not by much, because the rib st is stretchy and she says it’s for size “4/5ish”. What I did with mine, since my st count was a guesstimate, was after the ribbing, I had dd try it on it wasn’t too snug nor too loose, so I kept on.

Thanks so much! It’s time to shop for lavendar and pink cotton blend now in DK weight. :hug:

What an adorable child. Can’t wait to see that look at 14. Mama beware!

Thanks for info on the dress pattern, have to keep it in mind for Miss Kate.