FO Sugar Plum Lace Sweater

Well, here are pictures of the finished project…My first so don’t beat me up too bad :wink:

Great job! Your first project? Wow!


It’s very pretty. I love the sleeves. You did a great job. :yay: Thanks for sharing.

It looks great! :thumbsup:

:yay: It looks great and I love the color!

Good for you for making a sweater! I still gotta give an adult sweater a try :teehee:

Wow, that looks wonderful, great job!

Great, and I also love the color! :yay:

I agree - looks like you did a beautiful job on it! and I love that soft green color.

GREAT JOB!!!:cheering:

:thumbsup: Beautiful!

Great job.:yay:

Beat you up?? It looks GREAT! :thumbsup:

Just love the sleeves!
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

Ooooh! What a pretty color, and I love the sleeves.

Now that is pretty impressive for a first project!

great job on your first project. Kudos for making a garment on your first go around!!

Fabulous! You are amazing - first project and sweater with lace?? WOW! It looks wonderful.

Nice job,and you’ll have so much fun wearing something you made yourself.

Great work! It looks so comfy, too! I really love the pattern! Nice loose sleeves, bodice not too long! Nice fit!
You are a wonderful knitter! Thanks for all the photos, too!
Me loves photos!

Wow, that’s a very ambitious first project, and you did a great job! :slight_smile: